2012 SCAF Spring Event

“User Efficiency” is the theme

Magazine HERE. If you need it at the event please print it.

Spring Conference  and annual SCAF meeting will take place in Gothenburg - the 9th of May 2012 in Lindholmen Conference Centre. Will be a one-day session.
Day after, Dassault Systemes PLM forum will be held in same place. Separate registration to that event through Dassault.

See in magazine!
Any special food needed or to avoid? Please send a mail to info@scaf.se and let us know.

As mentioned before on our meetings, we do not provide any hotel rooms any more. So if you need any you must arrange it.

Any other questions regarding our event can be sent to info@scaf.se.

 — Registration closed!!!

Sponsors, please also use this LINK

Looking forward to see you again